happy holidays!!


all the best
from poolside

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top pot donuts


This was one of the best spot in the list Shannon from FAD gave me.
2124 Fifth Ave Seattle,?WA?98102 Phone: (206) 728-1966
They have a doughnuts factory in the back of the store like Krispy Kreme does, but the doughnuts here are more like home made style and tastes really good. of course you should have great coffee or latte with them. I got cinnamon sugar and raspberry doughnuts on one beautiful morning.

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seattle night


I really liked the signs with these warm colors of light at the market. even after they closed the stores, the old looking neon signs were still all bright.

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seattle day


People told me that I was lucky enough to have a sunny day because it's rainy at this time in Seattle. And I agreed with them when I saw beautiful streets without dark and heavy clouds in the sky.

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oceanaire -seattle-


FAD took me to this really nice seafood restaurant on my 2nd night in Seattle.
Oceanaire Seafood Room
1700 Seventh Ave Ste 100 Seattle, WA 98101 Phone: (206) 267-2277
We started with shrimp and crab cocktails (of course fresh local Dungeness Crab ). Sea bass, scallop and the slightly vinegered fries were all humongous in potion and amazing in taste!!
The chocolate mousse was also really good, more than enough for 3!!!

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