It's seriously too cold to do anything in New York City right now.
My feet, hands and face go numb after being outside for a minute.
I was thinking to buy those Thermal Underware for no joke!

the screen shots are from weather.com

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Maybe, you don't want to even hear about this THING I got today.
YES, PlayStation Portable aka PSP!!
I ordered it a little while ago with a couple of games, but somehow the system arrived before games!! I've been still having fun with turn it on and off, and the product design is just beautiful. I'll update some more when the games come.

PSP official website (Japanese)

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sori yanagi


Yesterday, I received this beautiful Yanagi Flatware, Five Piece Set from MoMA Online Store. It's really great that I could actually buy his museum art piece and use it everyday. Yanagi Sori is one of the greatest Japanese product designer, and one of the most amazing artists at the same time.

YANAGI SORI, A DESIGNER -official website-

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One of my BOYS has updated his website. He likes himself so much that he put his whole name as the URL. He is one of the core members of DVD collaboration project *smilefaucet, and former designer at freestyle collective, and just has become a freelancer!! (welcome to the REAL world!) Hire him NOW!!


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Finally, we can get MUJI stuff in New York.
There is the MUJI@MoMA section at the lower level of
MoMA Design Store, Soho 81 Spring Street, New York, NY (646) 613-1367
I've been waiting for this simple and sophisticated Japanese Design to come to the US for long time. Instead of open their own store, somehow they've managed to have a space for their products in museam store!! great!!!

Now you can even order some online.
MUJI @ MoMA Online Store

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