I believe my friend in london said this is one of the most HIP place in London at this moment when they took me to here.

SKETCH 9 Conduit Street, London, W1S 2XG


These are all their bathroom pictures!! You kind of see how crazy this place is. Food is really good and all the installations in the restaurants and bars and gallery are amazing.

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First time to watch the REAL soccer in Europe.
Premiere League!! Tottenham vs Portsmouth

It was just amazing!!
and was even better OUR Tottenham won the game!!
Thanks to the Egyptian striker Mido who made
2 goal for his first game in Premier League.

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This is the museum I've wanted go for a long time.
TATE MODERN Bankside London SE19TG

The building, collection displays, exhibitions, events, cafe, shop...
everything is really well organized and sophisticated in nice way.
I enjoyed as much as I could with my jet-lag and sleepless head...

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01 Paddington Station, old good looking station with modern trains.
02 Queens Park Hotel, trust me and DO NOT GO!!
03-04 English Breakfast, in a friend's hotel. (of course not in OUR hotel!)
05-06 streets
07-08 buildings
09 statues
10 parks (all swans are belong to Queen, so can't catch them.)
11 pubs (we went so many pubs)
12 bridges

All look FRESH to me (I mean everything is old though )

to be continued...

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