Scandivanian Design 005


Perfect Tea set for two from Finland. designed by tonfisk design.

tonfisk DESIGN

and this is from their website,
A tea set that combines ceramic teacups and teapots with bracelets of laminated bent wood The wood acts as handles and insulates the hot beverage.

The wooden bracelets are snugly held by friction around the ceramic. As the teapots are lifted and poured like bottles they are more comfortable to use than traditional "handled" pots.

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Scandivanian Design 004


Wooden candleholder to love at the first sight.
It's called Nordic Light designed by Jonas Grundell from design house stockholm.

design house stockholm

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Scandivanian Design 003


Do you know what it is?
These wood cubes contain its own planted seeds!
I'm not sure when you get this much wood block out of the tree, idea, concept, and visual presentation is just great. I got a pine and alder.

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Scandivanian Design 002


It's called White Christmas from Royal Copenhagen, Denmark.
I know now it's February 2006...

still look good with the small table candles inside, especially by the windows.
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Scandivanian Design 001


It's been a while since I came back from the Scandinavian trip, but these small things always remind me of the places I'd visited and bought them!!

This is the fish mobile from Denmark designed by world famous Christian Flensted and his wife Grethe. The parents of the modern mobile.

You can see and maybe recoginze some of their work here,


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