Snow day in NY


it's been a while,
but we all remember how it is...

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I don't like cats...

I don't like cats.
no matter how cute they look
no matter how friendly they are
don't even know why...

but I don't feel comfortable
no matter how...

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NY Summer End 002

feeling the end of my favorite season.
this is the 10th summer since I've moved here.

spent some good time with my friends in Philly.
our favorite dumpling place in Chinatown,
and the BBQ in my friend's backyard.
yes, good eating time of course.

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NY Summer End 001

got back to home in New York from home in Japan.
it's pretty strange that I say "go back" for both ways.
after enjoyed Japanese food for 3 weeks, I really missed
American food like this crazy meal at Johnny Rockets.

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Tokyo Summer 2007_04

shitamachi sampo 002 -sugamo-
went down to this another local spot which is specially famous for the most popular temple for grandmas. I didn't see any young people on the street around there, and I'd never seen that many old people just hang out...

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