Ramapo Lake


one weekend, tried to get away from the city noise
and went in the close nature with some friends.

beautiful green and blue,
even the wild animal showed up and said hi...
I was so ready to run away.

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BD Steak


I guess pretty much all of my good friend know
how much I like MEAT even though I tried shojin ryouri.

so some of my close friends gave me this awesome,
heavy duty, professional, only-for-steak, super GRILL from staub
as my birthday gift!!

and the other good friends who didn't even have an idea that
I got the amazing grill and so ready to cook gave me this awesome,
state-of-art, professional, super fresh, prime beef
for my birthday!!

how can i stop...

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first kajitsu


I'd heard a lot of good things about this place.
and finally I got the chance to try.

this restaurant serves shojin cuisine
which has been developed in ZEN Buddhist monasteries.

means no meat at all...
but it's so good that I almost forgot about it.
I'd love to try sometimes later when they change the monthly menu.


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summer food 001


at last, it's officially summer now.
good summer food inside or outside.
breakfast, lunch and dinner...

another reason to like this season!

Le Pain Quotidien


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Happy 4th of July


Happy 4th of July

and or just enjoy
the summer sunshine!

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